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I Love You Darling

In her new book, “I Love You Darling”, Pamela Alleyne-Tracey shares her knowledge and offers good advice on:

Diet – Eat healthy (Nutritious foods high in fibre and low in fat) Keep a check on your blood cholesterol: Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in the blood. A build up of this substance, when deposited on the lining of the arteries in the body, causes narrowing and reduction of blood supply to the vital organs.

Stress – Stress is anything that exerts force or pressure on parts of your body, causing it to act or react in a certain way. Minimal street is normal, excess stress is abnormal leading to distress. When the body is constantly distressed, it can lead to ill health.

Forgiveness – To forgive is to cease to bear resentment or grudge, to show compassion. “Forgive those that trespass against you. 23rd. Psalm” When you forgive someone, you free yourself up so that you can carry on with your life.

Lifestyle – Form good healthy habits. Avoid smoking and inhaling second hand smoke; control alcohol consumption; eat well – follow the “Canada Food Guide”; exercise – choose a physical activity you enjoy.

Self Esteem – Maintain high self esteem. Self esteem is the opinion you hold of yourself; keep it “HIGH”. Respect yourself, do not accept anything less from others.

Success – Goal = The end of final purpose Success = The satisfactory accomplishment of a desired goal. Set realistic achievable goals and plan to succeed.

Faith – Faith = Belief. What religious practice do you believe in? How do you support this organization?

Commitment – Commit = Pledge. Make a commitment to be the very best you can be.

Purpose – Purpose = Intent. What is your purpose in life? What do you feel you were born to do? Do you feel you are achieving this purpose right here and now?

Commitment – Commit = Pledge. Make a commitment to be the very best you can be.

Living your Dream – What is your dream? Dare to dream, become passionate about this dream and take steps to live it every day.

Pam’s Poems

Pamela Alleyne-Tracey reaches into the very substance of who we are with her book of poems. Her poems teach us that we all have our own personal joys, sorrows, wins and loses throughout our life. Pam’s professional motivational presentations show us that it is how we deal with success and defeats that make up the person we are and offers solutions to our own weaknesses.

The Journal contains spaces for 365 entries so you can record your thoughts all year long. A great inspirational or goal setting tool, or as a gift for a client or friend.

Contents of Pam’s Poems

  • Daddy
  • Terror in the Night
  • Paulicia
  • Lovers
  • The Wind
  • Night Flight
  • D’Angel
  • Love
  • Me
  • Guilty Heart
  • Tortured Soul
  • Black Elegance
  • Quiet Times
  • Shattered Minds
  • Recovery
  • Success
  • Rose
  • Lost Souls
  • The Applicant
  • Woman
  • Embryo
  • Sparkle
  • Bare Man
  • Lonely Lady
  • The Dialogue
  • Vashty
  • The Message
  • Nuttall Street
  • My Guyana

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