Specializing in Keynote Presentations, Opening Seminars with Laughter, Workshops, Leadership, Retreats, Change and  De-Junking Your Life

Pamela comes with over 36 years experience in the medical profession. Functioning as a Registered Nurse in intensive care settings in North America and Midwife in the community of Bedford in Bedfordshire.

She has studied in the UK and Canada, provided Health Care, focused on Self Care, dealing with healthy and unhealthy hearts. Pamela has created action packed presentations combining them with humour, intellect and her own life experiences, bringing the messages clearly across to her audiences.

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In her dynamic presentations, Pamela Tracz REVEALS the formula to your organization of how to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives as well as keeping the most powerful organ in their bodies functioning and beating in a healthy, hearty, rhythmical fashion.

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Pamela Tracz RN, SCM, CLYL, CLYT
Phone: 905 581 9281

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